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Jim Austin Senior Day - Mondays, Seniors Shoot for $5/hr.

In remembrance of long time customer, Jim Austin, who loved coming to the range and shoot. Every Monday, seniors (65 yrs. old and over) will be able to shoot on the 25-yard range for $5/hr. There are no other extras included with this special pricing.


Weekdays Only - Range Membership - $19.99/month

Come shoot on weekdays Monday-Friday ONLY (regular business hours) for only $19.99/month. No sign-up fee. Limited to the 25 yard range (with sessions limited to 1 hour max during peak times). Unlimited range time. There are no other extras included with this package.

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She Shooter Social Club - Range Membership - $25.00/month

The She Shooter Social Club (S3) combines the world of range shooting with a Social Hour. Your club membership includes unlimited range time on weekdays Monday-Friday ONLY (regular business hours) and once a month group range time, followed by a social hour at Molly Pitchers Lounge, which will occur on the 4th Thursday of each month. The S3 membership is only $25/month. No sign-up fee, no cancellation fee. Limited to the 25-yard range (with sessions limited to 1-hour max during peak times).

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Range Only Membership, 3hr/mo. - $468 Annually

3-hours shooting time per month (any day of the week) on the 25-yard range for an annual fee of $468.00 (which is equivalent to $39.00 per month). There are no other extras included with this package. This would regularly cost $936.00. You save $468.00!

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Shooting Range Features:

  • 4 Ranges
    • Eight 25 yard lanes (can be converted to police tactical training with overhead door to allow squad car in)
    • Eight 25 yard lanes
    • Six 50 yard lanes
    • Three indoor 100 yard lanes (50 bmg rated)
  • All firearm lanes are rifle rated
  • Bullet-proof panels between lane shooters
  • Low-light capability along with red and blue strobe lighting
  • Pro Range masters on staff at all times that are very safe, but will still allow you rapid shooting
  • Pistol and Rifle rentals

All lanes utilize the Mancom AWD retrievers, which are the most engaging and robust retrievers on the market. It features a modern, easy to use interface with 27 addicting games and training scenarios for all skill levels. You can synchronize multiple lanes so you and your buddies can shoot the same scenario and then compare targets for bragging rights.  All targets turn 360 degrees, and the range of motion includes spinning, random edging, and teasing functions.  These programs offer shooters an unparalleled experience!

Shooting Lanes Rental Pricing:

Lane Rental Description25 Yard Lanes50 Yard Lanes100 Yard Lanes
1 Person – 1/2 hour block$15$18$22
2 People – 1/2 hour block (sharing same lane)$20$24$28
1 Person – 1 hour block$20$25$30
2 People – 1 hour block (sharing same lane)$25$31$38

Rental Pricing for Firearms:

**Must be at least 21 years old to rent a handgun.**
**Must be at least 19 years old to rent a long gun.**

Pistol or Rifle Rental Fee:

  • $20.00 for the first rental plus the cost of ammunition.
  • $10 for each additional rental.
  • Barret 50BMG - $50.00

Suppressors Rental Fee:

  • 9mm and 5.56 $15.00 (must purchase our ammunition)
  • .22lr $10.00 (must purchase our ammunition)

Pistols available to rent:

  • Glock 48 (9mm)
  • Glock 17 (9mm)
  • Smith & Wesson Shield EZ 380 (380 Auto)
  • Smith & Wesson Shield EZ 9 (9mm)
  • Smith & Wesson SD9 (9mm)
  • Smith & Wesson Shield Plus (9mm)
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard (380 Auto)
  • Hudson H9 (9mm)
  • Springfield Hellcat (9mm)
  • Sig P365XL (9mm)
  • Colt Gold Cup (.22LR)
  • Browning Buckmark (.22LR)
  • Smith & Wesson Victory (.22LR)
  • Ruger SEC-9 (9mm)
  • Para Ordnance 1911 (45ACP)
  • CZ Shadow (9mm)
  • IWI Masada (9mm)

Revolvers available to rent:

  • Smith & Wesson 642 (38 SPL)
  • Smith & Wesson 637 (38 SPL)
  • Smith & Wesson Model 29 (44Mag)
  • Ruger LCR (38 SPL)

Rifles available to rent:

  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 (.22LR)
  • Ruger SR-556 (5.56 NATO)
  • Springfield Saint (300 BLK)
  • FNAR (308 Win)

Suppressors available to rent:

  • GSL 45 (45 ACP)
  • GSL 9 (9mm)
  • GSL 7.62 (7.62)
  • GSL SWAT (5.56)
  • GSL Woodlands (.22LR)


Rick Holme
Range Master/Chief Instructor

Rick is a retired Law Enforcement veteran having worked for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for 21 years. He spent the majority of his career working in the Narcotics Section in the City of Detroit. He worked on multiple Federal Task Forces as an investigator and as a sergeant and team leader. Promoted to Lieutenant, Rick was assigned to the uniformed Road Patrol Division and was appointed as the Tactical Commander of the department Special Response Team (SRT or SWAT). You may have seen Rick and the Wayne County Sheriff’s SRT on multiple episodes of “Secret Ops” on Court TV. Rick maintained his position as the Tactical Commander up until his retirement in 2008.

Rick has been teaching pistol marksmanship for the last 12 years as well as Concealed Pistol License classes. He holds NRA certifications as a Pistol Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home instructor and a certification as a Chief Range Safety Officer.

Rick has been married for 28 years to his beautiful wife Andrea. They have three children that all grew up in and attended school in Hartland.