Range Only Membership, 3hr/mo. – $468 Annually

Range Only Membership, 3 hrs/mo. - $468.00 Annually - No sign-up fee

3-hours shooting time per month on the 25-yard range for an annual fee of $468.00 (which is equivalent to $39.00 per month). There are no other extras with this membership. This would regularly cost $936.00 for walk-in shooters. You save $468.00!

  • Fee: $468 (Full payment; paid annually)
  • No Sign-up Fee
  • Includes 3 Hours Range Time per Month
    (A $936 value - you save $468)
  • No other extras with this plan.

*Memberships are non-transferable!

[Note: To purchase a membership, you will be redirected to the HVG Range User site. If you have not previously created your FREE HVG Range User account, you will be required to Register an account during the Buy process.]