5% coupon for thermal paper rolls, bond paper rolls, point-of-sale receipt paper rolls and ink ribbons.

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Paperjack is a manufacturer of point-of-sale paper rolls for printing receipts. We have been in business over 24 years and supply over 120,000 retail locations.

In addition to our high-quality standard thermal paper rolls, we now also provide enhanced thermal paper rolls. Being of the same high quality, this enhanced paper is microscopically thinner, allowing for extra length to the rolls.  The length of these enhanced  paper rolls are 13% longer, while maintaining the same diameter of standard roll lengths. For example, our 3 1/8" wide, #6235 roll is 265' long. Yet, is virtually the same diameter as standard 230' and 235' rolls. It will fit into those same 230' and 235' printers, which means less frequency of roll changes. These new enhanced thermal paper rolls can be identified on the Paperjack Product Index page by the Save Money on thermal paper rolls icon, saving you money in the long run.

We have two production facilities to provide for fast shipping and delivery. Our 30,000 sq. ft. facility, and headquarters, is located in Michigan. Our second production facility is located in Nevada. This way we get shipments to the East and West coasts quickly. Furthermore, since we manufacture our own paper rolls, our products are never "out-of-stock" or "back-ordered", unlike what often happens to re-sellers. Most of our competitors are re-sellers (not manufacturers). They buy paper rolls in bulk and have no control over the quality of the product in those bulk shipments. Especially if they import from low cost, low quality, producers in China or Mexico.

So what does this mean for you?

Our buying power allows us to buy mill rolls exclusively from the best paper mills in the world (none from China or Mexico). So, rest assured that you will always get high quality, consistent paper roll products from us.

We produce our paper rolls using multi-million dollar automated equipment to precisely cut the large mill rolls down to sizes needed for your receipt printers. Every single paper roll we produce, is quality inspected to meet strict tolerances.

Paperjack large paper mill rolls Paperjack crane lifting mill roll Paperjack mill rolls cutting machines
Paperjack cut thermal paper rolls conveyor Paperjack shrink-wrapped thermal paper rolls Paperjack 3 1/8 inch thermal paper rolls in box

Finally, most of our paper roll sizes are shrink-wrapped into inter-packs for secure shipment packaging. The majority of our competitors just put the rolls loose into a box.